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The Funeral Service is regarded as a way of saying goodbye to someone who has passed. We are here to take an individual through the selections you need to make in order to can arrange the Brethren Funeral Service you choose for your loved one.
Making a choice on between cremation or burial

The main choice men and women usually make is about the type of Brethren Funeral Director Service that will take place. Whether you decide on a burial or maybe a cremation, well be there to make each of the arrangements on your behalf.
Issues to consider about a cremation:
It may cost less than a burial
The Brethren Funeral Service can be held at the crematorium. Most will have a service room or perhaps additional most appropriate facilities
The service may also take place in a church or any other location before going to the crematorium
There will be a strict time period limit for the length of the service. This would be different depending on the crematorium
You must decide the final resting place of the particular ashes. You can keep the ashes in an urn, scatter or maybe bury them.

Issues to take into account with regards to a burial:

You may possibly currently have a family grave or plot. We can arrange for this to be reopened plus the headstone removed before burial
In a number areas, burial space may be limited or may be very expensive
You might choose to reserve plots or a large plot in the event you or your family need to be buried close by
You can hold the Brethren Funeral Service in a neighbourhood church or in a cemetery chapel. Some Brethren Funeral Service directors have a room you can for a service if you happen to prefer
After the burial you will need to consider if you want a memorial headstone, or a new inscription on an existing headstone.

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In order to make the particular Brethren Funeral Service arrangements the Brethren Funeral Service director would need:
The full name of the person who has passed away
Their full address
Their date of birth
Details of where and when they died
Confirmation of whether the person who has died had a pacemaker fitted. Pacemakers have to be removed before the cremation.

Making arrangements for the particular service


On the day of the Brethren Funeral Service, the hearse will take the coffin to the Brethren Funeral Service. The hearse is normally followed by limousines that will carry the chief mourners. We can provide chauffeured limousines to save you worrying concerning parking, driving and getting to the service on time.

You should tell us if you have a special route you would like the particular procession to take. We can go over this with you while you make the arrangement.


Some people pick out flowers that had been a favourite of the person who has died, which can be another way of making the Brethren Funeral Service far more personal. There are many different types of floral arrangements. When youd such as an idea of the sort of arrangements people tend to choose, weve put together a brochure that may help you figure out the thing that is right for you.

Some people want to have flowers from the loved ones only and choose an organisation for those to be able to donate to as an alternative to buying flowers. It truly is well worth remembering that sending flowers can be a healing gesture for people who have lost a loved one close. It might be worth giving people the choice of sending a floral arrangement or donating money to a charity, or both.

Music, this includes hymns, tapes, CDs and live music, quite often plays an important part in an Brethren Funeral Service. Some churches have strict rules on the style of music permitted. When there is an organ, make sure that the particular organist can certainly play the hymns or songs you prefer.

More information on considering music for the Brethren Funeral Service

Unique requests

You really should take into account other methods of making the Brethren Funeral Service reflect the life of the person who has died. We will do our best to arrange anything at all we can for you personally. A lot of the things people choose include horse-drawn hearses and releasing doves at the crematorium or at the grave.

Read more about making unique arrangements

What happens at the Brethren Funeral Service?

There is not any set procedure for an Brethren Funeral Service but traditionally the Brethren Funeral Service procession starts at the church or cemetery chapel - or sometimes the hospital or Brethren Funeral Service home - with the coffin and cars making your way to the place where the Brethren Funeral Service will take place. The hearse oftentimes goes directly to the service and mourners meet there.

The coffin is actually taken in to where the Brethren Funeral Service is to be held along with close family members usually follow along with sit at the front. For a burial, the coffin will be taken to the actual grave and lowered into the grave while a short service is held.

For a cremation, the actual coffin will be taken to the crematorium and placed on a stand. To the finish of the service music is played and therefore traditionally the coffin disappears from view. Should you want the coffin to remain on view until after the mourners have left, be sure to inform the Brethren Funeral Service director.

Take into account that there'll be a time limit for the service. You possibly can book more time at the crematorium if you want, however this may cost extra. Your Brethren Funeral Service director can advise on times and costs.

After the Brethren Funeral Service, close friends and family usually get together for some refreshments, which frequently takes place at the deceaseds house, the house of a close family member or at a local pub or maybe hotel.

Our Brethren Funeral Service homes devoted employees wishes to help you and may also play a significant role in preparing along with carrying out a thoughtful Brethren Funeral Service or memorial service. Our Brethren Funeral Service directors will most certainly be intimately knowledgeable about typically the Brethren Funeral Service planning ahead process, key selections a grieving family must make, and crucial legal documentation that is required in this difficult time. Our Brethren Funeral Service professionals can handle all of the details and help you create a unique service that matches your needs and values.

Losing a loved one is certainly difficult enough; honouring their choices shouldn't have to be." Our philosophy will be to provide you with low-cost Brethren Funeral Service and cremations to the community. We do this in the most professional, understanding manner and we will not sacrifice supplying economical high-quality services to the families that will choose us. We are a locally owned and controlled business. We believe that service starts with the very first call and we will be here to answer it - 24x7.

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