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Traditional Services

our traditional services

TRADITIONAL Brethren Services

The actual chapel facilities our company has available are modern and as well as spacious. Theres also quite a lot of car-parking space available.

Harris Family Brethren Funeral Director Services are available in order to go with our services which in turn produces a great many sounds as well as pipe organ, electric piano or grand piano.

We can have also printed personalised orders of service and even hymn sheets to an attractive layout and with colour photos to assist you to celebrate a life.

Harris Family Funerals staff members are available to speak to local community groups also schools about Brethren Funeral Service arrangements, and we are also pleased to host local community groups at our premises.

Making the right decisions

Harris Brethren Funeral Service Directors And also Advisors can give an explanation of the options available:

The various kinds of ceremony, religious or not..
The best location for the service: a church or chapel, in the home, at the graveside or maybe crematorium.
Who should preferably officiate: a priest, minister, celebrant and also family members.
Whether you wish to view the deceased, as well as where the viewing ought to be.
Whether you'll want to have a burial or maybe cremation.
Whether you prefer flowers or charitable donations.
The most appropriate Brethren Funeral Service notice.
Casket selection.
The order of service, the choice of music and even hymns.
Venue for any post-Brethren Funeral Service get together and how to coordinate it.
What other professional help is available.

Harris Family Brethren Funeral Director Services
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Looking after the details
As soon as choices are made, you can choose exactly how little or even how much you prefer our professional along with experienced staff to assist with all the necessary arrangements. We are able to take care of the following details:
The registration of death and even needed documentation.
Contacting suitable burial or even cremation authorities, as well as get in touch with the doctor, coroner as well as hospital as well as collection of certificates.
Arranging across the nation or maybe international transportation or even repatriation within Australia or any other nation. Harris Brethren Funeral Service Directors and Advisors extremely experienced in responding to all these arrangements.
Liaising with clergy or maybe Brethren Funeral Service celebrants, assisting with the service and planning Brethren Funeral Service details.
Provision along with preparation involving casket that you can choose from our modern show room.
Embalming, when relevant, to ensure hygienic preservation and natural presentation.
Providing viewing facilities in our modern rooms adjacent to the actual chapel.
Ordering your family flowers for the casket.
Providing transport to and from the Brethren Funeral Service in our modern fleet of hearses as well as cars.
Preparing and additionally placing newspaper notices in your area or maybe outside of the country.
Arranging memorial stones or alternatively Bronze Plaques
arranging the scattering or burial of ashes in Melbourne Cemeteries or even in many other centres, as well as providing high quality urns.

Each of our Brethren Funeral Service homes specialized staff wants to assist you that will play an essential role in preparing along with carrying out a meaningful Brethren Funeral Service or perhaps memorial service. Our Brethren Funeral Service directors are intimately familiar with the Brethren Funeral Service arranging process, essential choices a grieving family must make, and necessary legal records that is required throughout this difficult time. Our own Brethren Funeral Service professionals are able to every one of the details and help you create an outstanding service your needs and values.

Our viewpoint is to supply low-cost Brethren Funeral Services as well as cremations to the community. We accomplish in the most professional, loving manner and we will not sacrifice delivering affordable quality services to the families which will decide on us. We are a locally owned as well as operated business. We believe that service starts with the very first call and we will be here to answer it - 24 hours a day.

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